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I am sadden by the Elmhurst Hospital Emergency Rooms long wait to see a doctor or to go in "Fast Track." You think that starting with 6 patients the wait would not be as long. Unfortunately, from 9am to 6pm I was still unable to see the doctor and from the long wait I decided to leave w/o ever being able to see the doctor.

My condition dealt with bleeding and the bladder, which surprised me because there were many people not being treated. From hearing through other medical sources apparently if your a patient there, it is pointless to go unless you are dying. "Elmhurst Hospital, you went there? By the time they see you, it will be a day from now." -Nurse from another hospital.

If this is their reputation, why has nothing been done?

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Any other hospital during surgery if there are any complications or def after the surgery is done either the doctor or the nurse comes to speak with the family member, here NO ONE! Its unbelievable to me how my father goes into surgery at 1030 and its not until 1 when they finally make a call, not even come out to see me, to let me know that my father just got out of surgery.

When I ask for the nurse, she's too busy to come out, when I ask for the doctor, he's already in another surgery. I was pissed! Specially after being told by the *** receptionist that she couldn't help me and I had to go to patients relation. Thankfully this nice lady was able to help me out, telling me I could go back upstairs and they would let me know about his status.

After another 15 min wait they finally let me in to be with my father, only bc I complained, if it wasn't for that I'd still be waiting hrs after he had gone in with no clue as to what was going on.

The worst hospitals I have been to! My father has to come back for surgery, I'm going to let them know right away that this better not happen next time, or I'm raising ***.


Elmhurst Hospital"Critical Care" Lombard, IL Where I waited 1 1/2 hours for 3 stitches, a shot followed by $800.00 in charges. Building one palace after another Elmhurst Dr.'s, administrators, staff get rich at the expense of the sick and aged.

Stay away!


By any means Avoid this hospital, Its death trap, One thing I have learned if you have relatives admited in this hospital stay with them as much as you can don't trust the nurses there. Something bad could would think if you are sick best place would be in the hospital not this one if you call the nurse they wouldn't come even if you are about to die.

Its best to take chance at home at least someone in your home will come to you Aid.

Avoid this hospital if you can they are really bad. By the way if you are happned to be there don't try to call pataient relation or supervisor they are all work as a team, they all scratch each others back


I am extremely dissapointed with the care (or lack there of)in the emergency department of Elmhurst Hospital in Illinois. On May 29,2010, I arrived in the ER due to excrutiating muscle spasms in my head, neck, shoulders and upperback, and muscle stiffness from my head to my knees.

I waited in the waiting room for at least an hour writhing in pain while the other people in the waiting room were looking at me like, "what the *** is going on over there?" I was finally taken to an er bed. Dr. Michelle Meziere had absolutely no compassion and immediately assumed I was "drug seeking". They gave me an IM injection of dilaudid which had absolutely no affect on the pain.

So they gave me another IM injection of dilaudid. Still absolutely no affect on the pain. The nurse was relentless about getting me out of the ER. I was crying, I could not sit up, nor dress myself so the nurse helped me.

I finally dragged my painful and crying self to the waiting room and laid on the "couch" writhing in pain for about the next 1 1/2 to 2 hrs. Then one of the hospital employees told me that I must sit up because other people needed the seats. The waiting room had about 7 people in it who were all sitting at the opposite end of the room. I was then threatened to leave the hospital.

I couldn't even use my cell phone to call for a ride because of the pain and weakness in my arms. So the hospital called a cab and gave me a cab voucher to get me out of there. I went home still in torturous pain and a couple hours later began vomiting because of the pain. A friend then suggested I go to Good Samaritan Hosp in Downers Grove.

I was treated appropriately at Good Sam. I even thanked the doctor for not assuming I was drug seeking. Thank God for Good Sam and Dr. M.

Spiller. I am also on Illinois Medicaid and would like to find out how I can reach someone from medicaid to take my complaint because I do not feel that the bill from Elmhurst Hospital should be paid.


When my wife was there, i saw *** stains all over the bathrooms and bloody pads all over the floor of the triage. It was like a bloody battle.

I saw a nurse just kick it to the side with blood stains still on the floor! these people are like animals, just cause you have medicaid, dont mean your not human. The nurses kept playing rap songs very loud while my wife was in extreme pain.

They bursted in laugher and kept talking about their sex life like no one was there! I would rather die on the streets then go to that zoo hospital


I have nothing but great things to say about my experiences at Elmhurst Memorial Hospital. They saved my life after a heart attack and all the follow up since has been good. Like any business they have their red tape but everytime I have gone or taken my children to the emergency room we've been seen right away.


This Hospital is the worse in the entire state of NY. If you wish to die - head over to this place.

The staff and nurses are the worse. They are uneducated, uncaring people.


I can't agree with you more. My wife went into the hospital via Ambulance on Tuesday for extreme back pain(She could not move).

It took hours to see a Doctor, he refused to order an MRI and just suggested pain meds. After a few more hours of pain meds and no ability to move they finally admitted her. It took another 2 days to get a Doctor to final do an MRI and find out that she has a extremely hernated disk. Whats worse is occupational therapy kept trying to get her out of bed which was just aggrivating the problem until it could be treated properly.

To top all this off the Nursing Staff has been horrible. They take forever to respond and have refused simple requests(Like help with a sponge bath or a bed pan, again my wife was unable to move, she could not get up to use the bathroom.) At this point my wife is still not well enough to get home, we are putting the paperwork in to transfer her to Central Dupage Hospital which is where we would have went in the first place if I could have took her to an ER myself.

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