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Elmhurst Clinics and hospitals have great doctors. Great nurses.

What's bad?

Billing: not just from my experience, but from my friends and my family. All sorts of mistakes on billing...too many to list, here.

Beware of doctors not calling you, merely sending you letters about tests, or, worse yet, just posting results to MY CHART.

MY CHART is code for "we don't have to call you and we can be more EFFICIENT".

These come from reasonable family, friends, and myself having issues with test results not being communicated with some clinics, some doctors.

The merging of Elmhurst and Edwards has not helped efficiency. It has made billing worse. I have great insurance, things get paid by BCBS, except that Elmhurst MEMORIAL Healthcare sometimes sends stuff to collections before they have billed BCBS or me! ( This has happened to my mom and my friend, too!)

In addition, the Emergency Room visits in Elmhurst Hospital might be listed as low, but the three times I have visited, we have waited over 1.5 hours ( one visit I needed stitches and it never healed very well...all my nerves got shoved into one little spot in my finget) and my daughter wasn't seen quickly for a concussion.

Reason of review: Billing.

Elmhurst Hospital Pros: Doctors, Nurses.

Elmhurst Hospital Cons: Billing, Emergency service slow.

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That's sad to hear. I have been with Elmhurst clinic/hospital for 40 yrs.

Best doctors best pediatric. A couple of mistakes here and there but we all make mistakes. We the patients should be more aware of what's going on. Asks questions,do research.

Now we can Google stuff.

Research your insurance. Sometimes it's not all the hospitals fault.

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