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Today march 27th my sister and i came in to the ER because my sister was having a miscarriage. The nurse at the front desk took her information and told my sister she had to wait because three people was in front of her.

Mean while my sister was in extreme pain and bleeding after complaining for twenty mins they finish moved her to the back in back room where she waited another 15 mins just to get her blood pressuse and temp checked. Once they was finished with that they moved her to another sitting area to wait for a doctor and kicked me out and told me i have to wait in the waiting area. I calked my sister and asked her was she seen yet after waiting another half hour and she wasnt, i asked her how was she feeling and she stated the cramoing was getting worst and she started to feel dizzy.

This hospital is so unprofessional and they need to be shut down. Ive seen terrible food service reacted to emergency situation quicker than them.

Product or Service Mentioned: Elmhurst Hospital Emergency Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Today in the morning walk in with pain in my middle chest and at left chest took them 20 minutes just to take my name and that all they did i ask for something to slow down the pain and one of the nurses told me i have to wait because the doctors are in a meeting after like a hour with no attention from a nurse or doctor i decide to leave to another hospital a no one notice and the nurse are very rude i woulded expected more professionalism from them

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