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My daughter had brought me to Elmhurst Memorial Hospitals Emergency Room to be seen by a doctor for severe foot pain in both of my feet. When we arrived the lady at the front asked for my symptoms and I explained.

She took my name and asked me to have a seat. 2 hours later I was finally called up to only be seen by a triage nurse and then had to sit back down for another half hour. When I finally got to a room the very rude nurse again why I was here and I explained to her that I was having severe pain in feet for the past 4 days and yesterday my feet were swollen. She looked at me and said your feet don't look swollen now.

Mind you I had my shoes on so 1st off how can you make a statement like that if my shoes are still on and 2nd I did state that they were swollen yesterday not now. Never the ENTIRE time I was there ask if I would like ice for my feet or anything to try and make my comfort level better. Finally after almost 1 1/2 hours later the doctor comes in and basically dismisses my pain. I didn't come to the ER because my foot hurt from standing on it all day.

I can deal with that pain, I am here because the pain is so bad in BOTH of my feet I can barely walk. All she did was order some blood work offer me tylenol and that was it. After she left the room it took another 45 minutes and a push of the nurses button for me to get the nurse back to my room to find out what was going on and to give me tylenol I have already been alternating with mortrin at home. The Nurse then states they were discharging me and I could call the hospital for the test results.

Seriously?? At this point I am still in severe pain, crying and i am starting loose my patients. I was finally released from the ER to get half way home to see that the prescriptions they gave me were for another patients. I am so disgusted with this place and never felt so mistreated from a health facility.

The wait time took for ever, the staff from start to finish was rude and made me feel like my pain was not important.

I do not recommend this hospital to anyone.

Product or Service Mentioned: Elmhurst Hospital Emergency Service.

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