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My father has terminal cancer and is not seeking treatment as it is not curable. Last week he developed a slight fever and his primary care physician asked he go to emergency room as it may be an infection.

The blood work came back negative, but they informed us it sometimes takes 48 hours for the infection to appear in the blood work. While in the hospital for 48 hours he was given antibiotics as a precaution and monitored his fever, at which point he did not have. After the 48 hours and blood work coming back negative for infection they insisted on keeping him until the following day because they wanted to see the results after 72 hours. My father wanted to go home and we insisted he be released.

The Doctor on call reluctantly agree, but the infectious disease doctor called me to bully me in to making my father stay in the hospital. He said my father could die if he left. I said he has terminal cancer we understand what is going to happen to him as we are not seeking treatment for the cancer. We understand if there is an infection we will return for treat of this infection; preferably out patient treatment, but for now we prefer to wait at home - a 5 minute drive from the hospital.

Then the doctor asked if my father understood that leaving against medical advice would result in him having to pay all his medical expenses because medicare will not pay them. I said I didn't see why they wouldn't as he was leaving the hospital with no infection. The doctor then hung up on me and the discharge process began. A nurse came in to go over the insurance bit about how my dad would have to pay and the bullying continued.

I told my parents not to worry about it because they didn't have any money or assets; the Elmhurst hospital did not want to submit the claims to medicare and the supplemental insure on file, then they would have a hard time getting paid.

This kind of bullying is horrible and to top it off we learned yesterday that after 72 hours there was still no indication of infection. I do not recommend this hospital to anyone; if you can go someplace else, do so.

Product or Service Mentioned: Elmhurst Hospital Medical Care.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Elmhurst Hospital Cons: Bullying, Bullying into staying in the hospital.

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