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My husband was Admitted in Elmhurst Hospital from December 21 2015 till Dec. 27 21015.His condition was life treating, jaundice ascites, liver failure, acute alcoholic hepatitis.

Even if it was around holidays your physician and nursing staff ware very caring and attentive, and we all thank them very, very much.

The reason I am writing this is regarding the social worker in the third floor at the hospital, Kathy Rossi.

On December 23rd, Wednesday, I left couple messages for her, understanding she is very busy. I was just been afraid that my husband will get discharged, without being able to talk to her and they were so many concerns that I needed help with, never been in that citation! The nurse also called her. I never got a call from her, or a visit in the room that day that I took off to try to take care of things.

The next day, Thursday 24th, one of the physicians Dr.Serajian was talking of discharging my husband, when wen I told him that I do need help from a social worker. He was sure that she was there. He called, nurses called, after couple hours that “ caring “ person stopped for 2-3 min. Threw a rehab information, and my 30 min internet research was much more helpful. I had to pull information from her. She looked bothered, in a hurry, and for sure not of any help. Made me feel even more helpless that I already was.

My husband and I have been separated. Due to his condition we are in foreclosure, I will be filing bankruptcy, he is not working and I do not know how I am supporting the children, not alone providing, medications, paying for utilities for him, the right food, or care as I work full time, and not to even talk that he had hard time walking, confusion and treatment support center help was really needed. Just cannot leave him starving and dying, homeless so I have to find help. If she was upset with the reasons for his conditions, she cannot be more upset than me! But me and my children are paying more than enough, she is supposed to help, not makes us feel worst, I think.

The discharging doctor on Sunday, Dec 27th asked me if the social worker gave me disability information. I shared my experience with Ms Rossi, and the doctor was very surprised, as she confirmed that my husband,condition is life threatening, might require liver transplant in the future and “for sure need to look about the disability”. She was personally going to call Ms Rossi again, saying that she is surprised to hear about her anything like this as she is “good” .I hope that she is good to others at least, because for whatever reason, personal, not liking the disease, racial she is there to help

Ms. Kathy Rossi never came back, after the discharging nurse contacted her, she relayed that she has no more information for us.

This person made me cry couple times, she was offensive with her behavior, like some people do not matter! I hear about other social workers, how helpful they have been to families of need, because that effects my three children as well emotional as well as financial in a big way.

I hope no one has to go true what that person put my family true, and that I can somehow find my own way of going help.

I just know that you should know how one person can make a great or horrible impact on your hospital and care

Product or Service Mentioned: Elmhurst Hospital Emergency Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Elmhurst Hospital Pros: Doctors, Nurses.

Elmhurst Hospital Cons: Social worker without a heart - kathy rossi.

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These elmhurst hospital treating my father the same way. The social worker didnt even check him and start telling us that he is weak.

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