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I'm am a 36 yr old female living in elmhurst NY. on the 12 of April i went to the er @ elmhurst and was treated very poorly and because they could not get an i.v.

i was sent home at that time i had severe chest pain among other complaints i was very dehydrated and needed help. i gave them a very complete history and they finally got a blood work from an arterial stick. I'm not sure why i was sent home and by subway at that alone.2 days later and approx. 36# of weight gain i went back to the e.r.

and saw a different Dr. who stated that he was unsure what doctor sent me home but according to my blood work my creatinine levels were 3-4 x what is considered to be normal for a female my age with 2 kidneys. I ONLY HAVE 1. so this set of Dr.s,;s admitted me on the spot and proceeded to stick me around 30 times to get an I.V.

in with no luck i was sent to the second floor A wing A-2-7 to be exact, I'm claustrophobic , have severe post traumatic stress disorder, and cant be in hot confined areas with no air. i begged for a fan couldn't get 1. also upon walking into the restroom i was greeted by the largest hissing cockroach i had ever seen in my life i tried to get help by screaming the nurse who came to the room wouldn't even look at it let alone pick it up so i got brave put on a rubber glove and caught it in a urine cup and closed the cap! this story goes on and on and i don't know what to do about my experience.

needless to say unfortunately i got 0 (zero) rest while in that room i was and still am miserable and know closer to knowing 0000000000000what is wrong with me!!!?????? can anybody give me some advice on what to do in this case I'm actually so swelled I'm scared for my life. and that is no joke. i don't drink i don't use drugs never have I'm hep and HIV free and my blood sugar is running normal.

where3re do i go from here and why am i so swelled its even excruciating ti type this complaint but i feel it had to be done and said right now..

in case i wouldn't make it through the night if u can help please email me at I'm begging and pleading for good advice from someone who knows what I'm going through. all gods bless u all for any help

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