Harwood Heights, Illinois
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My mom went in for a angioplasty. she was in such extreme pain they didn't stop instead have her morphine.

Several times within 20 minutes. She end up crippled over in pain and feel of the table during the procedure The nurse came out to me and said we need to do an exploratory surgery too see what's wrong. They end up telling me she had a aneurysm.. during all this they realized no pulse was happening down her left leg and wanted to do another angio.

If not they were just going to amputate her leg. I was assured of minimal risks. Needless to say it affected her kidneys. To which that time they recommend pumping her with fluids to cushion the kidneys.

To which that caused other organs to shut down .....and so we were told by her family doctor it was time to let her go. There was nothing they can do..

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This has to be true. A lot of people die at Elmhurst Hospital. Please don't bring your loved ones to this hospital because they secretly specialize in Death.

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