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Elmhurst memorial hospital is the worst when you dealing with the billing services it's been four weeks I'm been waiting for the supervise to call me I belive her name is "Pauline Suilivan" they customer service is bad and they are very rude towards customers and not helpful at all I've been sent to creditors when I have insurance now I'm been told by several customs service that I must pay they won't accept my insurance I wanna know at what authority is that cause they nothing been helpfully but rude .....I wouldnt recommend this hospital to any new mother cause you will deal with a lot of stress besides enjoy your new born

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I wish I would've read this before going to this hospital, I am now through the same thing ! Have a bill for over $13,000 when I have insurance, left them messages and haven't heard back from them!

Very frustrating!!! wont be going back there ever again!


I have had the same thing. THey don't send out bills, then a year later you get a collection notice.

I even call proactively to make sure they are mailing a bill and still don't get them. Apparently you have to be psychic to know what you owe.


Issue with the bill from Elmurst Hospital: I have never received the bill from them but they sent me to the collection agency. I am disputing collection since Elmurst Hospital submitted claim to my insurance under the incorrect code/service. They should submit as a preventive service, but they have not.

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